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Dr. Sarah Johnson is a temperature conversion expert with a Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University. She has spent over a decade studying the science behind temperature conversion and has published numerous papers on the topic in scientific journals. As the founder and chief editor, Dr. Johnson is committed to providing readers with the latest research and insights on temperature conversion.

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Michael Chen is a talented writer with a passion for science and technology. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT and has worked on several temperature-related projects throughout his career. Michael is dedicated to translating complex scientific concepts into easily digestible articles that readers can understand and apply in their daily lives.

  1. Emily Nguyen – Technical Consultant

Emily Nguyen is a technical consultant with expertise in software development and user experience design. She holds a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and has worked on several temperature conversion projects for leading companies. Emily is responsible for developing and maintaining our online temperature conversion tool, ensuring that it’s accurate, user-friendly, and accessible to everyone.

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